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Class TreeItem

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   object --+        
      Applier --+    
UIObject.UIObject --+

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, html=None, **ka)
use this to apply properties as a dictionary, e.g.:
source code
__iter__(self) source code
createImage(self) source code
addItem(self, item) source code
insertItem(self, item, index=None) source code
onAttach(self) source code
onDetach(self) source code
getChild(self, index) source code
getChildCount(self) source code
getChildIndex(self, child) source code
getHTML(self) source code
getText(self) source code
getParentItem(self) source code
getState(self) source code
getTree(self) source code
getUserObject(self) source code
getWidget(self) source code
isSelected(self) source code
remove(self) source code
removeItem(self, item) source code
removeItems(self) source code
setHTML(self, html) source code
setText(self, text) source code
setSelected(self, selected) source code
setState(self, open, fireEvents=True) source code
setUserObject(self, userObj) source code
setWidget(self, widget) source code
clearContentPanel(self) source code
ensureContentPanel(self) source code
addTreeItems(self, accum) source code
getChildren(self) source code
getContentElem(self) source code
getContentHeight(self) source code
getImageElement(self) source code
getTreeTop(self) source code
getFocusableWidget(self) source code
imgSrc(self, img) source code
setParentItem(self, parent) source code
setTree(self, tree) source code
updateState(self) source code
updateStateRecursive(self) source code
drawImage(self, mode) source code

Inherited from UIObject.UIObject: addStyleDependentName, addStyleName, getAbsoluteLeft, getAbsoluteTop, getClientHeight, getClientWidth, getElement, getHeight, getOffsetHeight, getOffsetWidth, getStyleAttribute, getStyleName, getStylePrimaryName, getTitle, getVisible, getWidth, isVisible, removeStyleDependentName, removeStyleName, setElement, setHeight, setPixelSize, setSize, setStyleAttribute, setStyleName, setTitle, setVisible, setWidth, setzIndex, sinkEvents, unsinkEvents

Inherited from Applier: applyValues, retrieveValues, setDefaults, setElementProperties, updateInstance

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Class Methods [hide private]

Inherited from UIObject.UIObject (private): _getProps

Inherited from Applier (private): _getElementProps

Class Variables [hide private]

Inherited from UIObject.UIObject (private): _props

Inherited from Applier (private): _elem_props

Properties [hide private]

Inherited from object: __class__

Method Details [hide private]

__init__(self, html=None, **ka)

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use this to apply properties as a dictionary, e.g.:

   x = klass(..., StyleName='class-name')

will do:

   x = klass(...)


   x = klass(..., Size=("100%", "20px"), Visible=False)

will do:

   x = klass(...)
   x.setSize("100%", "20px")
Overrides: object.__init__
(inherited documentation)