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Class Tree

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   object --+            
      Applier --+        
UIObject.UIObject --+    
        Widget.Widget --+

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, **ka)
use this to apply properties as a dictionary, e.g.:
source code
add(self, widget) source code
addFocusListener(self, listener) source code
addItem(self, item) source code
insertItem(self, item, index=None) source code
addKeyboardListener(self, listener) source code
addMouseListener(self, listener) source code
addTreeListener(self, listener) source code
clear(self) source code
ensureSelectedItemVisible(self) source code
getImageBase(self) source code
getImages(self) source code
getItem(self, index) source code
getItemCount(self) source code
getSelectedItem(self) source code
getTabIndex(self) source code
__iter__(self) source code
onBrowserEvent(self, event) source code
remove(self, widget) source code
removeFocusListener(self, listener) source code
removeItem(self, item) source code
removeItems(self) source code
removeKeyboardListener(self, listener) source code
removeTreeListener(self, listener) source code
setAccessKey(self, key) source code
setFocus(self, focus) source code
setImageBase(self, baseUrl) source code
setImages(self, images) source code
setSelectedItem(self, item, fireEvents=True) source code
setTabIndex(self, index) source code
treeItemIterator(self) source code
collectElementChain(self, chain, hRoot, hElem) source code
elementClicked(self, root, hElem) source code
findDeepestOpenChild(self, item) source code
findItemByChain(self, chain, idx, root) source code
moveFocus(self, selection) source code
moveSelectionDown(self, sel, dig) source code
moveSelectionUp(self, sel, climb) source code
onSelection(self, item, fireEvents) source code
doAttachChildren(self) source code
doDetachChildren(self) source code
onLoad(self) source code
adopt(self, content) source code
disown(self, item) source code
fireStateChanged(self, item) source code
getChildWidgets(self) source code
shouldTreeDelegateFocusToElement(self, elem) source code

Inherited from Widget.Widget: getID, getLayoutData, getParent, isAttached, onAttach, onDetach, removeFromParent, setContextMenu, setID, setLayoutData, setParent

Inherited from UIObject.UIObject: addStyleDependentName, addStyleName, getAbsoluteLeft, getAbsoluteTop, getClientHeight, getClientWidth, getElement, getHeight, getOffsetHeight, getOffsetWidth, getStyleAttribute, getStyleName, getStylePrimaryName, getTitle, getVisible, getWidth, isVisible, removeStyleDependentName, removeStyleName, setElement, setHeight, setPixelSize, setSize, setStyleAttribute, setStyleName, setTitle, setVisible, setWidth, setzIndex, sinkEvents, unsinkEvents

Inherited from Applier: applyValues, retrieveValues, setDefaults, setElementProperties, updateInstance

Inherited from object: __delattr__, __format__, __getattribute__, __hash__, __new__, __reduce__, __reduce_ex__, __repr__, __setattr__, __sizeof__, __str__, __subclasshook__

Class Methods [hide private]

Inherited from UIObject.UIObject (private): _getProps

Inherited from Applier (private): _getElementProps

Class Variables [hide private]

Inherited from UIObject.UIObject (private): _props

Inherited from Applier (private): _elem_props

Properties [hide private]

Inherited from object: __class__

Method Details [hide private]

__init__(self, **ka)

source code 

use this to apply properties as a dictionary, e.g.:

   x = klass(..., StyleName='class-name')

will do:

   x = klass(...)


   x = klass(..., Size=("100%", "20px"), Visible=False)

will do:

   x = klass(...)
   x.setSize("100%", "20px")
Overrides: object.__init__
(inherited documentation)

onBrowserEvent(self, event)

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Overrides: Widget.Widget.onBrowserEvent


source code 
Overrides: Widget.Widget.doAttachChildren


source code 
Overrides: Widget.Widget.doDetachChildren


source code 
Overrides: Widget.Widget.onLoad