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Class TextBox

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              object --+                    
                 Applier --+                
           UIObject.UIObject --+            
                   Widget.Widget --+        
      FocusListener.FocusHandler --+        
KeyboardListener.KeyboardHandler --+        
                      object --+   |        
                               |   |        
      MouseListener.MouseHandler --+        
                      object --+   |        
                               |   |        
      ClickListener.ClickHandler --+        
                Focus.FocusMixin --+        
             FocusWidget.FocusWidget --+    
                          object --+   |    
                                   |   |    
        ChangeListener.ChangeHandler --+    
                          object --+   |    
                                   |   |    
          InputListener.InputHandler --+    
                 TextBoxBase.TextBoxBase --+

Use Kind to set a HTML5 type

Attributes supported:

* Kind * MaxLength * Min * Max * Placeholder * Required * Step * VisibleLength

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, **ka)
use this to apply properties as a dictionary, e.g.:
source code
getMaxLength(self) source code
getKind(self) source code
getMin(self) source code
getMax(self) source code
getPlaceholder(self) source code
getStep(self) source code
getVisibleLength(self) source code
setMaxLength(self, length) source code
setKind(self, kind) source code
setMin(self, min) source code
setMax(self, max) source code
setPlaceholder(self, placeholder) source code
setStep(self, step) source code
setVisibleLength(self, length) source code

Inherited from TextBoxBase.TextBoxBase: cancelKey, getCursorPos, getName, getSelectedText, getSelectionLength, getText, getTextAlignment, selectAll, setCursorPos, setFocus, setKey, setName, setSelectionRange, setText, setTextAlignment

Inherited from Widget.Widget: doAttachChildren, doDetachChildren, getID, getLayoutData, getParent, isAttached, onAttach, onBrowserEvent, onDetach, onLoad, removeFromParent, setContextMenu, setID, setLayoutData, setParent

Inherited from UIObject.UIObject: addStyleDependentName, addStyleName, getAbsoluteLeft, getAbsoluteTop, getClientHeight, getClientWidth, getElement, getHeight, getOffsetHeight, getOffsetWidth, getStyleAttribute, getStyleName, getStylePrimaryName, getTitle, getVisible, getWidth, isVisible, removeStyleDependentName, removeStyleName, setElement, setHeight, setPixelSize, setSize, setStyleAttribute, setStyleName, setTitle, setVisible, setWidth, setzIndex, sinkEvents, unsinkEvents

Inherited from Applier: applyValues, retrieveValues, setDefaults, setElementProperties, updateInstance

Inherited from FocusListener.FocusHandler: addFocusListener, onFocus, onLostFocus, removeFocusListener

Inherited from KeyboardListener.KeyboardHandler: addKeyboardListener, onKeyDown, onKeyPress, onKeyUp, removeKeyboardListener

Inherited from MouseListener.MouseHandler: addMouseListener, onMouseDown, onMouseEnter, onMouseGlassEnter, onMouseGlassLeave, onMouseLeave, onMouseMove, onMouseUp, removeMouseListener

Inherited from ClickListener.ClickHandler: addClickListener, addDoubleClickListener, clearClickListener, clearDoubleClickListener, onClick, onDoubleClick, removeClickListener, removeDoubleClickListener

Inherited from ChangeListener.ChangeHandler: addChangeListener, onChange, removeChangeListener

Inherited from InputListener.InputHandler: addInputListener, onInput, removeInputListener

Inherited from object: __delattr__, __format__, __getattribute__, __hash__, __new__, __reduce__, __reduce_ex__, __repr__, __setattr__, __sizeof__, __str__, __subclasshook__

Inherited from Focus.FocusMixin: getTabIndex, isEnabled, isReadonly, setAccessKey, setEnabled, setReadonly, setTabIndex

Class Methods [hide private]
_getProps(self) source code

Inherited from Applier (private): _getElementProps

Class Variables [hide private]
  _props = [("kind", "Kind", "Kind", None), ("maxLength", "Max L...


Inherited from Applier (private): _elem_props

Properties [hide private]

Inherited from object: __class__

Method Details [hide private]

__init__(self, **ka)

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use this to apply properties as a dictionary, e.g.:

   x = klass(..., StyleName='class-name')

will do:

   x = klass(...)


   x = klass(..., Size=("100%", "20px"), Visible=False)

will do:

   x = klass(...)
   x.setSize("100%", "20px")
Overrides: object.__init__
(inherited documentation)

Class Method

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Overrides: Applier._getProps

Class Variable Details [hide private]


[("kind", "Kind", "Kind", None), ("maxLength", "Max Length", "MaxLengt\
h", None), ("min", "Min", "Min", None), ("max", "Max", "Max", None), (\
"placeholder", "Place Holder", "PlaceHolder", None), ("step", "Step", \
"Step", None), ("visibleLength", "Visible Length", "VisibleLength", No\