Package library :: Package pyjamas :: Package ui :: Module RichTextAreaImplStandard :: Class RichTextAreaImplStandard
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Class RichTextAreaImplStandard

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RichTextAreaImpl.RichTextAreaImpl --+

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self) source code
createElement(self) source code
createLink(self, url) source code
getBackColor(self) source code
getForeColor(self) source code
getHTML(self) source code
getText(self) source code
onTimer(self, tid) source code
initElement(self) source code
insertHorizontalRule(self) source code
insertImage(self, url) source code
insertOrderedList(self) source code
insertUnorderedList(self) source code
isBasicEditingSupported(self) source code
isBold(self) source code
isExtendedEditingSupported(self) source code
isItalic(self) source code
isStrikethrough(self) source code
isSubscript(self) source code
isSuperscript(self) source code
isUnderlined(self) source code
leftIndent(self) source code
removeFormat(self) source code
removeLink(self) source code
rightIndent(self) source code
selectAll(self) source code
setBackColor(self, color) source code
setFocus(self, focused) source code
setFontName(self, name) source code
setFontSize(self, fontSize) source code
setForeColor(self, color) source code
setHTML(self, html) source code
setJustification(self, justification) source code
setText(self, text) source code
toggleBold(self) source code
toggleItalic(self) source code
toggleStrikethrough(self) source code
toggleSubscript(self) source code
toggleSuperscript(self) source code
toggleUnderline(self) source code
uninitElement(self) source code
getHTMLImpl(self) source code
getTextImpl(self) source code
__gwt_handler(self, view, evt, from_window) source code
__gwt_focus_handler(self, view, evt, from_window) source code
__gwt_blur_handler(self, view, evt, from_window) source code
hookEvents(self) source code
onElementInitialized(self) source code
setHTMLImpl(self, html) source code
setTextImpl(self, text) source code
unhookEvents(self) source code
execCommand(self, cmd, param) source code
execCommandAssumingFocus(self, cmd, param) source code
isRichEditingActive(self, e) source code
queryCommandState(self, cmd) source code
queryCommandStateAssumingFocus(self, cmd) source code
queryCommandValue(self, cmd) source code
queryCommandValueAssumingFocus(self, cmd) source code
setCssStyling(self) source code

Inherited from RichTextAreaImpl.RichTextAreaImpl: getElement

Instance Variables [hide private]
* * Set to True when the {@link RichTextArea} is attached to the page and * {@link #initElement()} is called.
Method Details [hide private]


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Overrides: RichTextAreaImpl.RichTextAreaImpl.__init__


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Overrides: RichTextAreaImpl.RichTextAreaImpl.createElement


source code 
Overrides: RichTextAreaImpl.RichTextAreaImpl.getHTML


source code 
Overrides: RichTextAreaImpl.RichTextAreaImpl.getText


source code 
Overrides: RichTextAreaImpl.RichTextAreaImpl.initElement


source code 
Overrides: RichTextAreaImpl.RichTextAreaImpl.isBasicEditingSupported


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Overrides: RichTextAreaImpl.RichTextAreaImpl.isExtendedEditingSupported

setFocus(self, focused)

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Overrides: RichTextAreaImpl.RichTextAreaImpl.setFocus

setHTML(self, html)

source code 
Overrides: RichTextAreaImpl.RichTextAreaImpl.setHTML

setText(self, text)

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Overrides: RichTextAreaImpl.RichTextAreaImpl.setText


source code 
Overrides: RichTextAreaImpl.RichTextAreaImpl.uninitElement


source code 
Overrides: RichTextAreaImpl.RichTextAreaImpl.hookEvents


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Overrides: RichTextAreaImpl.RichTextAreaImpl.onElementInitialized


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Overrides: RichTextAreaImpl.RichTextAreaImpl.setCssStyling

Instance Variable Details [hide private]


* * Set to True when the {@link RichTextArea} is attached to the page and * {@link #initElement()} is called. If the {@link RichTextArea} is detached * before {@link #onElementInitialized()} is called, this will be set to * False. See issue 1897 for details.