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Class DockPanel

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           object --+                
      Panel.PanelBase --+            
   object --+           |            
            |           |            
      Applier --+       |            
                |       |            
UIObject.UIObject --+   |            
                    |   |            
        Widget.Widget --+            
              Panel.Panel --+        
    ComplexPanel.ComplexPanel --+    
              CellPanel.CellPanel --+

Instance Methods [hide private]
_getElementProps(self) source code
__init__(self, **kwargs)
use this to apply properties as a dictionary, e.g.:
source code
add(self, widget, direction) source code
addIndexedItem(self, index, item) source code
getWidgetIndex(self, widget) source code
getIndexedChild(self, index) source code
getWidgetDirection(self, widget) source code
__len__(self) source code
__iter__(self) source code
remove(self, widget) source code
setCellHeight(self, widget, height) source code
setCellHorizontalAlignment(self, widget, align) source code
setCellVerticalAlignment(self, widget, align) source code
setCellWidth(self, widget, width) source code
realizeTable(self, beingAdded) source code
appendAndMaybeAdopt(self, parent, child, beingAdded) source code

Inherited from CellPanel.CellPanel: getBody, getBorderWidth, getCellHeight, getCellHorizontalAlignment, getCellVerticalAlignment, getCellWidth, getHorizontalAlignment, getPadding, getSpacing, getTable, getVerticalAlignment, getWidgetTd, setBorderWidth, setHorizontalAlignment, setPadding, setSpacing, setVerticalAlignment

Inherited from ComplexPanel.ComplexPanel: insert

Inherited from Panel.Panel: adopt, disown

Inherited from Panel.PanelBase: __getitem__, __nonzero__, __setitem__, append, clear, doAttachChildren, doDetachChildren, getChildren, getWidget, getWidgetCount, setWidget

Inherited from Widget.Widget: getID, getLayoutData, getParent, isAttached, onAttach, onBrowserEvent, onDetach, onLoad, removeFromParent, setContextMenu, setID, setLayoutData, setParent

Inherited from UIObject.UIObject: addStyleDependentName, addStyleName, getAbsoluteLeft, getAbsoluteTop, getClientHeight, getClientWidth, getElement, getHeight, getOffsetHeight, getOffsetWidth, getStyleAttribute, getStyleName, getStylePrimaryName, getTitle, getVisible, getWidth, isVisible, removeStyleDependentName, removeStyleName, setElement, setHeight, setPixelSize, setSize, setStyleAttribute, setStyleName, setTitle, setVisible, setWidth, setzIndex, sinkEvents, unsinkEvents

Inherited from Applier: applyValues, retrieveValues, setDefaults, setElementProperties, updateInstance

Inherited from object: __delattr__, __format__, __getattribute__, __hash__, __new__, __reduce__, __reduce_ex__, __repr__, __setattr__, __sizeof__, __str__, __subclasshook__

Class Methods [hide private]

Inherited from CellPanel.CellPanel (private): _getProps

Class Variables [hide private]
  CENTER = "center"
  EAST = "east"
  NORTH = "north"
  SOUTH = "south"
  WEST = "west"
  elem_props = [("height", "Cell Height", "CellHeight", str, Non...

Inherited from CellPanel.CellPanel (private): _props

Inherited from Applier (private): _elem_props

Properties [hide private]

Inherited from object: __class__

Method Details [hide private]


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Overrides: Applier._getElementProps

__init__(self, **kwargs)

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use this to apply properties as a dictionary, e.g.:

   x = klass(..., StyleName='class-name')

will do:

   x = klass(...)


   x = klass(..., Size=("100%", "20px"), Visible=False)

will do:

   x = klass(...)
   x.setSize("100%", "20px")
Overrides: object.__init__
(inherited documentation)

add(self, widget, direction)

source code 
Overrides: ComplexPanel.ComplexPanel.add

addIndexedItem(self, index, item)

source code 
Overrides: Panel.PanelBase.addIndexedItem

getWidgetIndex(self, widget)

source code 
Overrides: Panel.PanelBase.getWidgetIndex

getIndexedChild(self, index)

source code 
Overrides: Panel.PanelBase.getIndexedChild

(Length operator)

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Overrides: Panel.PanelBase.__len__


source code 
Overrides: Panel.PanelBase.__iter__

remove(self, widget)

source code 
Overrides: ComplexPanel.ComplexPanel.remove

setCellHeight(self, widget, height)

source code 
Overrides: CellPanel.CellPanel.setCellHeight

setCellHorizontalAlignment(self, widget, align)

source code 
Overrides: CellPanel.CellPanel.setCellHorizontalAlignment

setCellVerticalAlignment(self, widget, align)

source code 
Overrides: CellPanel.CellPanel.setCellVerticalAlignment

setCellWidth(self, widget, width)

source code 
Overrides: CellPanel.CellPanel.setCellWidth

Class Variable Details [hide private]


[("height", "Cell Height", "CellHeight", str, None), ("width", "Cell W\
idth", "CellWidth", str, None), ("halign", "Cell Horizontal Alignment"\
, "CellHorizontalAlignment", None, "left"), ("valign", "Cell Vertical \
Alignment", "CellVerticalAlignment", None, "top"),]