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Class DNDHelper

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DNDHelper is a singleton drag and drop agent.

It acts as dragging/dropping agent for platforms that do not support html5 drag and drop.

Instance Methods [hide private]
x.__init__(...) initializes x; see help(type(x)) for signature
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setCurrentTargetElement(self, element) source code
getCurrentTargetElement(self) source code
ie6 GlassWidget impl needs this
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updateDropEffect(self, dataTransfer, event_type)
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updateDragOperation(self, event)
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updateAllowedEffects(self, drag_event) source code
registerTarget(self, target)
Rather than searching the entire document for drop target widgets and maybe drop targets within widgets, this implementation holds a list of widgets and searches only within this list for potential drop targets.
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unregisterTarget(self, target)
I dont know why, but a widget may no longer want to be registered as a drop target.
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setDragImage(self, element, x, y) source code
addFeedbackElement(self, element)
This is called from DataTransfer
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createDraggingImage(self, element) source code
setDragImageLocation(self, x, y)
Move the dragging image around.
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GlassWidget wants this
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GlassWidget wants this
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makeDragEvent(self, event, type, target=None) source code
finalize(self, event) source code
fireDNDEvent(self, name, target, widget) source code
initFeedbackImage(self) source code
onMouseMove(self, sender, x, y) source code
doDrag(self, event, x, y) source code
onMouseDown(self, sender, x, y) source code
onMouseUp(self, sender, x, y) source code
zapDragImage(self) source code
returnDrag(self) source code
returnXY(self, start, destination, count) source code
onReturningWidget(self, timer) source code
moveItemTo(self, widget, x, y) source code
onMouseEnter(self, sender) source code
onMouseLeave(self, sender) source code
onMouseGlassEnter(self, sender) source code
onMouseGlassLeave(self, sender) source code

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  currentTargetElement = property(getCurrentTargetElement, setCu...
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x.__init__(...) initializes x; see help(type(x)) for signature

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property(getCurrentTargetElement, setCurrentTargetElement)