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Module Window

source code

Window provides access to the DOM model's global Window.

Functions [hide private]
init_listeners() source code
addWindowCloseListener(listener) source code
addWindowResizeListener(listener) source code
removeWindowCloseListener(listener) source code
removeWindowResizeListener(listener) source code
alert(txt) source code
confirm(msg) source code
prompt(msg, defaultReply="") source code
enableScrolling(enable) source code
scrollBy(x, y) source code
scroll(x, y) source code
getClientHeight() source code
getClientWidth() source code
getScrollLeft() source code
getScrollTop() source code
getDocumentRoot() source code
setLocation(url) source code
getLocation() source code
getTitle() source code
open(url, name, features) source code
setMargin(size) source code
setTitle(title) source code
setOnError(onError) source code
onError(msg, url, linenumber) source code
onClosed() source code
onClosing() source code
onResize() source code
fireClosedAndCatch(handler) source code
fireClosedImpl() source code
fireClosingAndCatch(handler) source code
resize(width, height)
changes size to specified width and height
source code
resizeBy(width, height)
changes size by specified width and height
source code
fireClosingImpl() source code
fireResizedAndCatch(handler) source code
fireResizedImpl() source code
init() source code
Variables [hide private]
  closingListeners = []
  resizeListeners = []
  location = None