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Class PyjamasExternalProxy

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             object --+        
JSONService.JSONService --+    
      JSONService.JSONProxy --+

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Create a JSON remote service object.
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  singleton = None

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Create a JSON remote service object. The url is the URL that will receive POST data with the JSON request. See the JSON-RPC spec for more information.

The handler object should implement:

   onRemoteResponse(value, requestInfo)

to accept the return value of the remote method, and:

   onRemoteError(code, error_dict, requestInfo)
        code = http-code or 0
        error_dict is an jsonrpc 2.0 error dict:
              'code': jsonrpc-error-code (integer) ,
              'message': jsonrpc-error-message (string) ,
              'data' : extra-error-data

to handle errors.

Overrides: object.__init__
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