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Class Location

source code

Retrieve this class by calling Window.getLocation().

This provides a pyjs wrapper for the current location, with some utility methods for convenience.

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, location) source code
getHash(self) source code
getHashDict(self) source code
getHost(self) source code
getHostname(self) source code
getHref(self) source code
Return href with any search or hash stripped
source code
getPathname(self) source code
getPort(self) source code
getProtocol(self) source code
getSearch(self) source code
getSearchDict(self) source code
getSearchVar(self, key, default=None) source code
reload(self) source code
setHref(self, href) source code
setSearch(self, search) source code
setSearchDict(self, searchDict) source code
setHash(self, hash) source code
setHashDict(self, hashDict) source code