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Module DOM

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DOM implements the core of Pjamas-Desktop, providing access to and management of the DOM model of the PyWebkitGtk window.

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get_listener(item) source code
set_listener(item, listener) source code
init() source code
_init_testing() source code
_dispatchWindowEvent(sender, evt, useCap) source code
_dispatchEvent(sender, evt, useCap) source code
_dispatchCapturedMouseEvent(evt) source code
_dispatchCapturedMouseoutEvent(evt) source code
browser_event_cb(view, event, from_window) source code
_dispatchCapturedEvent(event) source code
addEventPreview(preview) source code
appendChild(parent, child) source code
removeChild(parent, child) source code
replaceChild(parent, newChild, oldChild) source code
buttonClick(element) source code
compare(elem1, elem2) source code
createAnchor() source code
createButton() source code
createCol() source code
createDiv() source code
createElement(tag) source code
createFieldSet() source code
createForm() source code
createIFrame() source code
createImg() source code
createInputCheck() source code
createInputElement(elementType) source code
createInputPassword() source code
createInputRadio(group) source code
createInputText() source code
createLabel() source code
createLegend() source code
createOptions() source code
createSelect() source code
createSpan() source code
createTable() source code
createTBody() source code
createTD() source code
createTextArea() source code
createTH() source code
createTR() source code
eventStopPropagation(evt) source code
eventCancelBubble(evt, cancel) source code
eventGetAltKey(evt) source code
eventGetButton(evt) source code
eventGetClientX(evt) source code
eventGetClientY(evt) source code
eventGetCtrlKey(evt) source code
eventGetFromElement(evt) source code
eventGetKeyCode(evt) source code
eventGetRepeat(evt) source code
eventGetScreenX(evt) source code
eventGetScreenY(evt) source code
eventGetShiftKey(evt) source code
eventGetCurrentTarget(event) source code
eventGetTarget(event) source code
eventGetToElement(evt) source code
eventGetType(event) source code
eventGetTypeInt(event) source code
eventGetTypeString(event) source code
eventPreventDefault(evt) source code
eventSetKeyCode(evt, key) source code
eventToString(evt) source code
iframeGetSrc(elem) source code
getAbsoluteLeft(elem) source code
getAbsoluteTop(elem) source code
getAttribute(elem, attr) source code
getElemAttribute(elem, attr) source code
getBooleanAttribute(elem, attr) source code
getBooleanElemAttribute(elem, attr) source code
getCaptureElement() source code
getChild(elem, index)
Get a child of the DOM element by specifying an index.
source code
Calculate the number of children the given element has.
source code
getChildIndex(parent, toFind)
Return the index of the given child in the given parent.
source code
Return the element in the document's DOM tree with the given id.
source code
See setEventListener() for more information.
source code
Return which events are currently "sunk" for a given DOM node.
source code
getFirstChild(elem) source code
getLastChild(elem) source code
getInnerHTML(element) source code
getInnerText(element) source code
getIntAttribute(elem, attr) source code
getIntElemAttribute(elem, attr) source code
getIntStyleAttribute(elem, attr) source code
getPrevSibling(elem) source code
getNextSibling(elem) source code
getNodeType(elem) source code
getParent(elem) source code
getStyleAttribute(elem, attr) source code
insertChild(parent, toAdd, index) source code
Returns an iterator over all the children of the given DOM node.
source code
Walk an entire subtree of the DOM.
source code
isOrHasChild(parent, child) source code
releaseCapture(elem) source code
releaseCapture_impl(elem) source code
removeEventPreview(preview) source code
getOffsetHeight(elem) source code
getOffsetWidth(elem) source code
scrollIntoView(elem) source code
mash_name_for_glib(name, joiner='-') source code
removeAttribute(element, attribute) source code
setAttribute(element, attribute, value) source code
setElemAttribute(element, attribute, value) source code
setBooleanAttribute(elem, attr, value) source code
setCapture(elem) source code
setCapture_impl(elem) source code
setEventListener(element, listener)
Register an object to receive event notifications for the given element.
source code
createTextNode(txt) source code
setInnerHTML(element, html) source code
setInnerText(elem, text) source code
setIntElemAttribute(elem, attr, value) source code
setIntAttribute(elem, attr, value) source code
setIntStyleAttribute(elem, attr, value) source code
setOptionText(select, text, index) source code
setStyleAttribute(element, name, value) source code
setStyleAttributes(element, **kwargs)
multi attr: setStyleAttributes(self, {attr1:val1, attr2:val2, ...
source code
sinkEvents(element, bits)
Set which events should be captured on a given element and passed to the registered listener.
source code
sinkEventsMozilla(element, bits) source code
toString(elem) source code
dispatchEvent(event, element, listener) source code
previewEvent(evt) source code
dispatchEventAndCatch(evt, elem, listener, handler) source code
dispatchEventImpl(event, element, listener) source code
eventGetCurrentEvent() source code
insertListItem(select, item, value, index) source code
getBodyOffsetTop() source code
getBodyOffsetLeft() source code
these are all different, across all platforms!
source code
Variables [hide private]
  sCaptureElem = None
  sEventPreviewStack = []
  listeners = {}
  hack_timer_workaround_bug_button = None
  eventbitsmap = {}
  currentEvent = None
Function Details [hide private]


source code 

Calculate the number of children the given element has. This loops over all the children of that element and counts them.

getChildIndex(parent, toFind)

source code 

Return the index of the given child in the given parent.

This performs a linear search.


source code 

Return which events are currently "sunk" for a given DOM node. See sinkEvents() for more information.


source code 

Walk an entire subtree of the DOM. This returns an iterator/iterable which performs a pre-order traversal of all the children of the given element.

setEventListener(element, listener)

source code 

Register an object to receive event notifications for the given element. The listener's onBrowserEvent() method will be called when a captured event occurs. To set which events are captured, use sinkEvents().

setStyleAttributes(element, **kwargs)

source code 

multi attr: setStyleAttributes(self, {attr1:val1, attr2:val2, ...})

sinkEvents(element, bits)

source code 

Set which events should be captured on a given element and passed to the registered listener. To set the listener, use setEventListener().

  • bits - A combination of bits; see ui.Event for bit values